We hope this Recipe Page will inspire you to create wonderful dishes using fresh, tasty and interesting ingredients and in many cases, make good use of gluts in home-grown produce. There is nothing better than home-grown food - it's cheaper, it's tastier, and it's amazingly satisfying eating something you've grown from seed or a tiny plant.   Oh, and there's some indulgent desserts and treats in here containing zero veggies too! 

Whether you have a vegetable plot, an allotment or some pots on a balcony, enjoy growing, harvesting and cooking!

Blackberry Liqueur
The end of summer heralds blackberry picking season - hedgerows full of glossy berries, purple fingers, the odd thorn. Followed by the divine smell of freshly cooked apple and blackberry crumbles, pies and compotes.


600g blackberries
750ml bottle red wine
500g granulated sugar
Large cup of gin


Prepare your blackberries by removing and stalks and leaves. Soak in lightly salted water for a few minutes, rinse and drain.
Put the blackberries into a large bowl and pour over a 75ml bottle of good red wine. Mash the blackberries with a potato masher. Cover and leave for two days to steep.
Pour the resulting mixture through a sieve, and then for a second time through a muslin placed in a large sieve or colander.
Pour into a pan and add the sugar, stirring gently to dissolve.
Put onto a gentle heat and simmer for five minutes, stirring intermittently.
When cool, stir in the gin.
Using a ladle and a small funnel, pour into sterilised bottles and seal. (I sterilise mine in the dishwasher)
Happily it is ready to drink straight away, but if any is left you can store for up to one year.

Adapted from the brilliant BBC Good Food website.
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